March 1, 2021

Decided to take a day out of retirement and treat myself to a runion with the lovely Spectacular one.
Sometimes you just gotta indulge.

Arrived at the rather wonderful location. What a view.....
The moment I stepped though the door a battle ensued between the North and south for control of the blood supply. Brittany standing there looking more ravishingly than ever, telling me about developments in her life since we last seen each other. Unaware of the raging war being waged before her. The South battling bravely slowly gaining control. Once caught up the suggestion of a shower is made and off I go. The North takes the opportunity to mount a counter attack and takes full control. Emerge from shower and step into bedroom to a waiting Goddess..... the North is in trouble, the South now has weapons of mass destruction!
She removes my towel, with an indescribable look in her eyes, her mouth approaches, her lips make contact with the southern camp..... All is lost, the North capitultes and joins in. The last clear memory was the legs spreading open and sounds of angels singing as I was caught in a tracter beam pulling me in closer and closer...... what followed was blur of hands, legs feet tumbling around like a carton of people falling down a mountain which ended with a volcanic finish worthy of any hawaïan island.

The Southern Army salutes you Brittany and a pole has been Erected in your honour!

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February 17, 2021

As the title stats, daaaaaamn what an experience ! If you havent seen this gorgeous lady I suggest booking her as soon as you can. First I walk through the door to this incredibly sexy woman in a tight dress. We have a short conversation. Then off to the showers and bedroom where the fun began. I have never had such an amazing and sloppy blowjob in my life!! Now Im not a submissive guy but when this sexy lady tells you to fuck her in this position or that position, well I was more then happy to oblige. That was round one. After another quick conversation, staring at the gorgeous body I just had to be inside her again, off to the races again for round 2.
I will definitely be seeing her in the future! Enjoy and happy fucking gents! 😁

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November 25, 2020

I finally met Brittany for the first time yesterday. I must say that all of the positive comments she gets are well deserved. Her incall is very nice, comfortable and clean. As soon as I arrived she came down to the lobby to let me in and immediately I was taken with just how pretty she is. I can’t explain it but something about her look just hits me on a whole other level. Once we got upstairs I got shy. I’m not as well travelled as some of the veterans here so I just kind of sat and waited for a hint of some kind. She immediately put me at ease with her personality and genuine good nature. She’s unbelievably personable and I couldn’t believe how familiar she seemed after only a few minutes of talking. Once I got out of the shower I was surprised in the hallway with her stunning figure just standing there in nothing but a little thong. Her body is unbelievable and to see her up close was an experience I won’t forget. Once in the bedroom she took the lead as I was still a little shy but after a couple of minutes I was comfortable enough to really get into it. My session with her was second to none and I think I’ll have a difficult time trying to replicate the experience with anyone else. I left her place feeling satisfied in a way I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

All of this rambling just to say that if you were ever considering booking with Brittany but haven’t yet, just do it. You definitely won’t regret it. I can’t wait for my next time.

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November 23, 2020

Quick review Brittany Spectacular
Absolutely incredible , the best , the best , the best encounter I have ever had !

Longer review Brittany Spectacular
Booking , communication and location was perfect and so easy. Upon arrival at the door a truly natural beauty greeted me with a smile that put me at ease immediately. We chatted for a while to start and the conversation flowed effortlessly, it was as if i had known her for a while and I felt so at ease from the get go , she is such a cool easygoing lady.

She is also gorgeous beyond words and her body is just amazing, after a quick shower we met in the bedroom I was still wrapped in a towel and once I laid on the bed she began to gyrate and move as though we were long lost lovers , the intimacy and passion between us was just sensational , I was actually shaking inside and it felt like our connection was through the roof . I know after reading all of the stellar reviews this is because of the amazing service Brittany Spectacular offers but for the time I was with her she made me feel as though the sexual tension between us was unique. What happened after was intense she gave the most amazing wet and perfectly pressured bj I have ever had , like ever! We tried multiple sexual positions after and each time I was close to the edge we moved to a new position which made it even more exhilarating. I can honestly say that this lady will send you to heaven and back via the gates of hell on the way , just enough to leave you wanting to come back again sooner than you probably anticipated.

A truly special and in my opinion GOAT lady who should not be missed , do what you can to visit her and I assure you , the experience will be spectacular .

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November 20, 2020

I've already written at least 1 review of her and commented on many other reviews but what the hell, might as well add another one, she deserves all the accolades she gets.

We had another amazing session a few days ago. It's been a while since the last time so we caught up like a couple old friends, she also teased me a bit which got me into the shower quickly. I came out and she got down to give me her patented bbbj in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom. She gladly takes it all and has no problem with you taking control (respectfully) of the blowjob. After that she banged the shit out of me (happily) exhausted. Then we continued chatting while she tried on some clothes, I hope you got some good pictures of that sporty outfit you had on, and I left very satisfied.

Brittany is one of my ATFs and is effortlessly sexy, but also effortlessly cool and extremely nice.

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